Policies and Procedures
Compliance Programs
Data Classification & Modeling
Evidence Gathering
SaaS Software Reviews

Governance Categories


  • Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Standards
  • IRS 1075 Pub and other tax standards
  • NERC/FERC Standards

IT Security

  • NIST Standards – All industries
  • Control Effectiveness Review – Sarbanes-Oxley
  • HIPPA Standards – Healthcare
  • PCI Standards – Payment Card Industry



The Color-Coded methodology is at the core of the organizational and data classification services, designed to replace interpretation and opinion. The hard, provable numbers that result can be submitted to your auditor, giving them an audit-proven framework to repeat in their audit testing.


We offer a wide range of training for regulatory compliance to prepare your team for bullet proof audits based on the proven ColorCodeIT Methodology.


The quality of a Gap Analysis is measured upon how well evidence is accounted for by a solid, proven framework. The DL2C Gap Analysis operates on the principle that only 3% of available data will be required for audits. We determine the questions that can legally be asked by the auditor from our standards methodology, and perform a scientific search for the documents and data.


Once the Gap Analysis has determined the specific tasks that need to be accomplished in a project, we efficiently resource and execute the project objectives according to a well-designed plan. Internal software solutions based upon 10 years of industry experience and practice yield excellent results on a consistent basis.